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THERAPY ROOM 2 – The Therapy Workshop

Heather Le Marquand, registered with the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA), has been a therapist for almost 20 years.  She has vast experience treating clients across all backgrounds and age groups.  She is delighted to be involved with the exciting concept of the multi-discipline Therapy Workshop in Falkirk, where independent therapists have the opportunity to practice in a co-operative environment, supportive of each other plus offering their clients the opportunity to access colleague referral.

Heather is professionally qualified in a variety of Massage techniques, Reflexology and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. 

A caring, compassionate therapist with integrity, Heather can assure you of her commitment to delivering a professional service.  She believes each client deserves the highest level of care and healing in a confidential, harmonious and therapeutic environment

Heather says “A skilled therapist’s hands are sensitive and powerful tools.  The effect of a caring touch crosses all barriers, speaking directly to the heart, mind and body.  The holistic approach takes into account all aspects of an individual’s health.  By allowing time for each client it provides relaxation, reducing anxiety and soothing stress.  This is vitally important for the balance and wellbeing of individuals, especially in a hectic world that seems to allow you to take so little time for yourself.”


Constantly striving to improve and broaden her knowledge for the benefit of her clients, Heather has studied, read and attended workshops on the use of Aromatherapy Oils, Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology and various other healing modalities.  She holds a current First Aid Certificate. Certificates also held in Theta Healing, Meridian Therapy & the Five Elements, N.L.P. Level 1, Basic Bowen Therapy and Basic Counselling Skills, among others.

Heather Le Marquand holds qualifications and offers treatments in:

  • THERAPEUTIC BODY MASSAGE (incl. Swedish Massage techniques)
  • REFLEXOLOGY (incl. Universal Technique)

*Ladies, Gentlemen and accompanied children are all welcome.*


Who can benefit from Complementary or Holistic Therapies? 

They are not just for the ill or infirm; in fact prevention is better than cure.  Therapies are suitable for all living, sentient beings.  Everyone can benefit from a caring gentle touch.

Happy, relaxed adults are better able to contribute to society and meet demanding work schedules and family commitments. 

Children and adolescents can experience relief from the anxiety and pressure of academic, social and family expectations.

Older people can follow a more active, quality lifestyle, benefitting physically and psychologically from therapeutic treatment.

Regular treatments, at a minimum of 3 to 4 week intervals, are recommended for best results.  Treatments can safely be conducted more frequently, i.e., weekly.  This is often most beneficial, especially when starting a new self-care programme.

*Please note that any services, advice or information provided is not intended as a substitute for medical care or prescribed medication.  Anyone with a medical condition is required to obtain clearance from their doctor or consultant prior to having a treatment.*


Length and Type of Treatment

Basic treatment sessions of:  30 min / 45 min / 60min / 90 min / 120 min are available.

Treatments can be tailored to suit individual needs, such as 60 min back massage including head, face and arm massage. 

A combination of treatments can be arranged, 90 min including a back massage and reflexology for example.

15 min Taster treatments are available on request.

WEDDING and PREGNANCY packages can be arranged to individual requirements.

Important - When arranging an appointment please allow yourself extra time in addition to allotted treatment time for pre and post treatment consultation and preparation.


Treatment Summary

THERAPEUTIC BODY MASSAGE  (basic charge  £40.00 / 60 min)

Practised medicinally and therapeutically for centuries, this ancient healing art works to promote a sense of general wellbeing and deep relaxation.  The gentle soft tissue manipulation techniques are effective for boosting circulation, aiding waste elimination and improving skin and muscle tone.  

PREGNANCY MASSAGE (£40.00 / 60 min)

Using gentle massage techniques to work specifically with the changing body shape of the client greatly enhances the pregnancy experience.  This will help with those hormone and body changes that can result in tension, aching and fluid retention.  The mum-to-be is able to relax and prepare her mind as well as connect and work with her body and her baby. (note - must be passed first trimester, i.e., over 12 weeks pregnant)

LAVA SHELL MASSAGE (£50.00 / 60 min)

Using genuine Tiger Clam Shells from the South Pacific, the world’s first all-natural, self-heating massage tool, provides a treatment that is deeply relaxing and ultimately stress busting, an unbeatable combination of heat and soothing touch.  Eco-friendly too, the shells are recycled food waste, plus, no electricity is used as the heat is provided by the mineral reaction of the natural ingredients in the sachets placed into the shells.  **This massage is a celebrity favourite**


MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a very gentle technique unlike conventional massage.  It is done without a massage medium (i.e. oils, creams, etc.). Treatment involves light stroking and pumping techniques with some acupressure points to encourage improved lymphatic system circulation.  It is deeply relaxing, provides relief from fluid retention and blocked sinuses, eases joint movement, improves immune response and respiratory function.

THAI FOOT MASSAGE (£35.00 / 45 min)

Developed in the monasteries of Thailand, this comprehensive treatment for mind and body evolved over 2500 years ago and is still in use today.  Working on the feet and lower legs, Thai Foot massage has all the benefits of massage, foot reflexology and energy work using the Sen lines, similar to meridians.  The client remains fully clothed.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE  (£25.00 / 30 min)

Massage has always played an important role in Indian family life, dating back 4000 years according to Ayurvedic texts.  The skill practised traditionally by barbers, has evolved through the ages to include neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back as well as head and face.  Relieves tension where it accumulates most, improving circulation and inducing a feeling of lightness.  Client is seated and remains fully clothed.

REFLEXOLOGY (incl. Universal Technique/Soft Touch) (£35.00 / 60 min)

Known to date back to around 2500BC, this ancient healing modality has been practised by many ancient cultures.  Modern day reflexology finds its roots in the work of doctors and specialists in Europe and America dating from the early 1900’s. It is a therapeutic method of relieving discomfort and restoring the body’s natural balance using controlled pressure on pre-defined reflex points mapped on the feet.  These points reflect body structures and organs.  The client remains fully clothed.

REIKI  ( £30.00 / 60 min)

Reiki is a Japanese term that can perhaps best be translated as “Universal Life Energy”.  The attuned therapist channels this universal energy into the client by placing the hands on various points on the body thus prompting the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.  This is a gentle, deeply relaxing, personal treatment effective on the physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels.  The client remains fully clothed.  A block of 3 to 4 weekly sessions is recommended to start (discount available).


An angelic term meaning “a radical shift in consciousness”, Pellowah is a powerful, client focused form of Divine source energy healing, which can bring about growth and change without trauma.  This is a hands off healing technique during which the practitioner is intuitively directed to place their hands over areas above the client’s body.  Relaxing and empowering, Pellowah works at all levels of mind body and spirit.  The client remains fully clothed.  A block of 3 to 4 weekly sessions is recommended (discount available).

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